Geophysical Tools for Infrastructure

Utility Locating

  • to clear proposed boring, trenching, and excavation locations

Utility Mapping

  • to create an invaluable CADD layer for better property planning, design and development

Sub-Surface Imaging to:

  • find buried structures
  • determine depth to utilities, rebar, pipes, buried concrete pads
  • Identify air/water filled voids in or behind concrete
  • Map rebar position
  • Determine concrete thickness
  • Identify rock pockets within concrete
  • Identify grouted voids
  • Determine rebar corrosion/concrete condition
  • Map and define conduits and utility cables within concrete structures

EM, Mag and GPR

  • to locate abandoned structures, such as vaults, buried foundations, piles, leach fields, septic pits, tanks and oil wells (see also Environmental)