Geophysical Tools Applied to Environmental

Magnetometer (Mag), Electromagnetic (EM), and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for

  • locating underground storage tanks
  • locating abandoned oil wells

EM and Mag for

  • mapping boundaries of landfills
  • finding oil production sumps and pits

Seismic (Refraction, Surface wave) methods for

  • determining thickness of fill
  • 1D and 2D velocity profiles

EM, TDEM and 2D and SP Resistivity for

  • characterizing lateral and vertical extents of groundwater contaminant plumes
  • Identifying leaks from landfills and containment ponds

Borehole geophysics for

  • Calibrating surface geophysics
  • Accurate high-resolution 1D velocity profiles (Suspension)
  • Defining foundation rock structure attitude and orientation (Televiewer)
  • Using Resistivity, Conductivity and Natural Gamma to help interpret stratigraphy (ELog and Induction)