GEOVision has been an industry pioneer in geophysical applications since 1995.

What We Do

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Modern design, engineering and construction rely heavily on accurate as-built data. Unfortunately, such data is not always accessible.

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Best practice engineering has long relied on geophysical tools to better characterize geology, subsurface structures, conditions and anomalies, and their physical properties.

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Geophysics offers a wide array of tools for remote sensing and characterization of environmental targets.

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Borehole Logging

Borehole investigations have long been indispensable for geotechnical site characterization. Geophysical studies add broad dimensions of data to routine logging and sampling.

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Better understanding of subsurface geologic conditions can be critical for solving environmental and engineering problems.

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Where We Work


Nuclear Power Plants

More than 100 projects since 1995, in many countries. GEOVision brings specific experience with complex mobilizations, in multiple borehole and surface methods.


More than 170 dam projects over the last 10 years in 12 states in the US, Canada and Mexico. These included challenging mobilizations and a wide variety of methods, both surface and borehole.

Seismic Stations

Since 1994, GEOVision has been entrusted by the USGS, EPRI and the California Geological Survey to characterize over 400 sites using a variety of methods.

Airports and Ports

More than 160 projects over the last 15 years. GEOVision has the required insurance coverage to be allowed access to LA World Airports.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

More than 200 projects in the last 20 years including infrastructure mapping, seismic site characterization, and void searches.

LNG Facilities

More than 200 projects in the last 20 years including infrastructure mapping, seismic site characterization, and void searches


More than 80 bridge projects over 25 years including over 90 different bridges and over 250
different borings/soundings. Famous projects include the Golden Gate, Woodrow Wilson Memorial the Tacoma Narrows bridges.


Numerous projects over the past 25 years include water well siting projects, basin studies to map rock contours and water depth, and locating paleo channels. Methods include micro-gravity, TDEM, and deep refraction.

Commercial Industrial

Most of GEOVision’s day-to-day projects serve our commercial and industrial clients. Projects include subsurface infrastructure locating and mapping, foundation studies,
fault studies, Vs30, and rock rip-ability.

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