Geophysical Tools Applied to Engineering

Seismic Refraction for

  • Geology
  • Engineering Properties (rippability, liquefaction)
  • 2D Velocity profiles (bedrock topography)
  • Water Table

Seismic Reflection for

  • Deep 2D Geologic structures
  • Fault and fracture zone studies

Surface wave studies for

  • Average velocity structure over a site
  • Deep velocity profiling (over 1,000 ft)
  • Vs30 or Vs100 site class
  • Earthquake site response
  • Liquefaction studies

Borehole geophysics for

  • Calibrating surface geophysics
  • Accurate high-resolution 1D velocity profiles (Suspension)
  • Defining rock structure attitude and orientation (Televiewer)
  • Using Resistivity, Conductivity and Natural Gamma to help interpret stratigraphy (ELog and Induction)

Vibration Studies for

  • Characterizing sites before siting sensitive equipment. GEOVision can measure motion starting at the micron level, from seconds to kilohertz
  • Monitoring strong motion, such as pile driving or blasting
  • Mitigating damage to historic structures