Mark J. Riches, R.GP.

Vice President and Senior Geophysicist


  • B.S./1992/Geology
  • M.S./expected fall 2000/Geology-Geophysics
  • California Registered Geophysicist, R.GP. 1025
  • 29 CFR 1910.120 1993, and is current with refreshers
  • Short courses including time domain, seismic reflection, UXO and LNAPL characterization and landfill characterization

Relevant Experience:

Mr. Riches is a Vice President and Senior Geophysicist at GEOVision Geophysical Services. Mr. Riches has spent more than 14 years working in the field of geophysical data acquisition/processing/interpretation and report writing. He has extensive practical and technical experience conducting high-resolution geophysical surveys in support of variety of environmental and engineering investigations in conjunction with RCRA, SARA, CERCLA, UGST and CWA-type assessments. He is thoroughly experienced in planning and managing a wide variety of geophysical investigations, including seismic refraction and reflection, magnetic, electrical resistivity, electromagnetic, ground penetrating radar, and borehole logging investigations.

Mr. Riches strengths include:

  • Extensive experience managing large geophysical investigations
  • Expertise in geophysical survey design
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Expertise in geophysical data interpretation and assessment
  • Extensive knowledge of the application of geophysical methods to environmental, infrastructure and engineering problems
  • Experience managing geophysical investigations at DOD and DOE facilities in California, Wyoming, Hawaii, Guam, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.