Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a high-frequency electromagnetic method that GEOVision commonly applies to a number of engineering problems associated with both new and aging concrete structures.

A GPR system radiates short pulses of high-frequency EM energy into the ground from a transmitting antenna.  This EM wave propagates in the ground at a velocity that is primarily a function of the relative dielectric permittivity of subsurface materials.  When this wave encounters the interface of two materials having different dielectric properties, a portion of the energy is reflected back to the surface, where it is detected by a receiver antenna and transmitted to a control unit for processing and display.


GEOVision geophysicists use GPR in concrete to:

  • Map rebar position
  • Determine depth of concrete over rebar
  • Identify air/water filled voids in or behind concrete
  • Determine concrete thickness
  • Identify rock pockets within concrete
  • Identify leak grouted voids
  • Determine asphalt thickness
  • Determine rebar corrosion/concrete condition
  • Map and define conduits and utility cables within concrete structures